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The best 3-FPM Pellets can be found here

We sell the purest 3-FPM Pellets for your research! Our 3-FPM is extensively and carefully tested in advance. The product is professionally checked for contamination or impurities. If so, they will be removed. This leaves the purest 3-FPM. We make sure that you can research with the best and purest 3-FPM Pellets.

Ordering 17-FPM from us before 00:3 means that you will receive it the next day. If you buy it before this time, we can immediately pass on the package to PostNL. They ensure that you get your package on the doormat in no time. This way you can start your experiment as soon as possible.

What effect does 3-FPM Pellets

Structurally, 3-FPM is very similar to amphetamines. These types of drugs also include, for example, the well-known substances such as MDMA and speed. The effect of 3-FPM is therefore comparable to that of amphetamines. However, the possible side effects of using 3-FPM, such as insomnia and nervousness, are much less than with other designer drugs, according to a large number of online studies. Therefore, 3-FPM is also seen as a study drug or focus enhancer.

3-FPM is part of the fluorinated. The fluorinated chemicals are a subgroup of the larger group of research chemicals. These are drugs that should only be consumed for research. Another popular subgroup of designer drugs are the cathinones. These are very similar in effect to the fluorinated ones. The internal structure makes the difference between the two groups. Drugs classified as fluorinated have a hydrogen atom replaced by a fluorine atom. This ensures that the compounds are put together slightly differently than with the cathinones.

What should I pay attention to when using 3-FPM Pellets

As mentioned earlier, 3-FPM is therefore a research chemical. Research chemicals are substances that may only be consumed for research. It is completely legal in the Netherlands to sell 3-FPM. Research chemicals may be purchased and sold. That is why you can simply order 3-FPM from us. However, you are not supposed to use 3-FPM for your own pleasure. Keep in mind that changes in the law on research chemicals occur regularly. It is therefore possible that the regulations will be different again in a few months.

How will my 3-FPM Pellets last as long as possible

It is of course useful to keep your 3-FPM well. This way your product will have the longest shelf life and you don’t have to worry about the effects becoming milder. There are a number of rules that your storage location must comply with. The most important rule is that the storage place must be properly closed. With this you also comply with the other rules. The place where you store your 3-FPM Pellets must remain dark, dry and cool. This way no heat can reach your product.

Heat can damage the 3-FPM’s internal connections. As a result, the quality of your product decreases and the effect becomes less strong. In addition to heat, it is also important that no moisture can mix with your 3-FPM. This process creates harmful fumes that are bad for your lungs. So make sure that your 3-FPM is properly closed. If you store it that way, you can assume that your 3-FPM Pellets will be good for a few years.



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