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    MK Chocolate Bar


    Premium quality psilocybin mushroom chocolate bars

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    Mushmellow mushroom chocolates



    Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar – is part of the latest expansion of our psilocybin bars. While enjoying the rich, full-bodied flavor of the mushroom milk chocolate, you are sure to savor the hot spot of psilocybin. For the best selection of microdosing, we plan the ideal ratio of premium drain chocolate in every bar. Also, get every bar with the exact amount of psilocybin

    Premium quality mushroom chocolate

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    Blue Meanies Chocolates


    Blue Meanies Chocolates online We don’t see a lot of shroom edibles generally, and these Blue Meanies Chocolates are where it’s at! They’re packed with instant psychedelia thanks to the heightened potency. There’s a lot of psilocybin and psilocin in each of these chocolates, which leads to crazy results. This is the easiest and most…